African Development Bank announces people strategy for 2021-2025


The bank aims to be the best place to work in development for Africa.

The African Development Bank’s board has approved a new five-year people strategy designed to enhance the bank’s standing as the continent’s premier development institution. The strategy seeks to tap into the bank’s most valuable resource – human capital – to deliver optimal development results for the people of Africa via the institution’s projects.

A key management commitment made as part of the 2019 General Capital Increase, the people strategy is designed to promote a stronger employee value proposition, attract and retain top-notch staff, and raise the bank’s employee engagement index to 85 percent or higher by 2025.

The broad objectives of the strategy include building a talented, resilient and diverse workforce with the right skills, attitudes and passion to deliver the best development solutions for bank clients. The strategy also seeks to create a forward-looking workplace, with staff that are equipped with the right tools and technologies, to promote a culture of strong performance and accountability. Furthermore, it aims to enhance collaboration among all bank stakeholders to achieve the best results for Africa.

“We are delighted to move forward with the adoption of the AfDB’s people strategy for the next five years, a period of great challenge as well as great opportunity for the African continent. The document outlines the vision of the bank towards attracting talent with passion to ‘the best place to be’ for the development of Africa. It points to the African Development Bank as the place for realisation of the full potential of its people, and defines a new level of engagement with its staff through the employee value proposition,” says Mateus Magala, vice president of corporate services and human resources at AfDB.

“The strategy was developed on the basis of feedback received through extensive and wide-ranging consultations with stakeholders across the bank, with the overall objective of supporting the delivery of development outcomes and impact for the continent. We remain focused on its full and rapid implementation to propel the institution to become a higher-performing organisation to support the bank’s mission.”



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