Motus Corporation: Michele Seroke

Michele Seroke, chief people officer at Motus Corporation, was appointed to her role on 1 July 2017.

She joined Imperial Holdings as the human resources director for the Imperial Vehicle Retail, Rental and Aftermarket Parts division (which subsequently rebranded as Motus) in August 2016. She has held strategic senior management and executive positions in human resources, both locally and internationally, at several organisations, including Eskom, Productivity SA, ArcelorMittal and General Electric.

Her career began at Eskom after obtaining her B.Soc.Sci from the University of Cape Town. 

2017 - Present    Chief People Officer, Motus Corporation
2016 - 2017         Divisional Human Resources Director, Motus Vehicle Retail,                                        Rental & Aftermarket Parts Division
2015 - 2016        Corporate Services General Manager, Central Energy Fund, CEF                                  SOC 
2012 - 2015        Senior Human Resources Manager, GE Southern Africa and GE                                  Transportation Sub-Sahara Africa
2010 - 2012        Corporate Services Human Resources Manager, ArcelorMittal,                                    South Africa
2005 - 2008        Senior Manager Talent Management & Organisational                                                  Development, ArcelorMittal South Africa
2004 - 2005        Human Resources Director, National Productivity Institute (NPI)
2003 - 2003        Transmission Divisional Programme Manager – SAP HR                                              Implementation Project, Eskom
2002 - 2003        Change & Communication Manager – SAP HR Implementation                                  Project, Eskom
2002 - 2002        Seconded as Human Resources Manager, Eskom
1999 - 2002        Senior Advisor - Organisational Development, Eskom
1998 - 1999        Seconded as an analyst to the Eskom Core Competency Study,                                  Eskom
1997 - 1998        Senior Buyer, SMME/BEE Team Leader, Eskom
1995 - 1997        Buyer, Eskom

2020                    MBL 3, University of South Africa School of Business Leadership
1994                    Bachelor of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cape                                 Town

About Motus Corporation: Motus is South Africa’s leading automotive group, employing over 18,600 people. It is a diversified (non-manufacturing) business in the automotive sector with unrivalled scale and scope in South Africa, and a selected international presence, primarily in the United Kingdom, Australia and limited presence in South East Asia, and Southern and East Africa.