Skillogical will be back for HR Indaba Africa 2019

The company's self-service mobile application simplifies employee engagement.

Skillogical has re-signed as a partner for HR Indaba Africa 2019, taking advantage of the 10 percent discount they receive for signing up before the end of March. Skillogical is a human capital development solution that was developed over the past four years that simplifies the processes required to develop people. The various aspects of the solution were designed to either introduce new training and development processes or co-exist within existing HR systems and processes. The functionalities are packaged in a cloud-based system that is configured to client requirements. The system is aligned to the South African regulatory environment to address compliance requirements. Skillogical combines training and development best practice with simplicity to ensure maximum impact within minimum time.

“People development that is focused on the actual needs of the company, balanced with promoting employees’ career aspirations has always been a challenge,” says Skillogical’s Jurie van Zyl. “The dream of establishing a culture of employee development self-service is stifled by cumbersome procedures to identify skills gaps and even more stifling processes to develop and avail learning that impacts productivity and ultimately employee marketability.”

Skillogical can either be fully integrated into existing systems and processes or function as a stand-alone solution. No IT technical expertise or resources is required and HRD Professionals are able to implement Skillogical without extensive alignment requirements. Their self-service mobile application, for example, simplifies employee engagement, which ultimately enhances the performance management process. With shared accountability enabled by this process, the application ensures that the employer (line manager) and employee are clear on the agreed outcomes. The line manager, in turn, is able to offer support where required and can continually report on the performance of his/her staff. Through this continuous process, adjustments and improvements are made to ensure that the set strategic objectives are achieved, whilst enhancing the skills and competencies of each employee. 

Having attended the inaugural event Skillogical will return for this year’s edition of the HR Indaba, which will again be the largest of its kind in South Africa. The event will give HR professionals an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about the latest HR technology, HR strategy, company culture, labour laws, recruitment, employee engagement and HR leadership. It will also bring together thousands of colleagues, suppliers, platforms, universities, specialists, recruitment agencies, CHROs and thought leaders.