5 tips for beating the back-to-work blues


Here are a few ways to help you get back into the groove of things.

Very few people will be looking forward to heading back to work but there’s no getting away from it. Here are a few tips to help you get back into the swing of things 

1 Ease your way into emails

There is bound to be countless emails to catch up on so don’t try to do it all at once. Rather, maybe come back from your holiday a day or two early and start tackling the job piece by piece. You know what they say about how to eat an elephant, right? Also, prioritise the most urgent emails and then return to the others later.

2 Take control of your mindset

Take responsibility for your own moods and emotional states. Even though you may not be looking forward to going back to work, it is important to realise that your mindset and your feelings start and end with you. As with everything, there will always be external factors that impact the way you feel but you are always the one in control of how you respond to them. 

3 Start with what you enjoy

Everyone has things they enjoy about their work so it is best to start with those tasks rather than less engaging aspects of your work. This is how you can find something exciting about them before you get started. 

4 Build momentum

Starting your first day back with easier tasks will help you gain the momentum to get everything done. Perhaps start with old tasks that you didn't finish before you went on holiday as this might allow you to hit the ground running as opposed to starting new projects that will require more planning than execution.

5 Catch up with co-workers 

Your colleagues are the only people that will have similar feelings to you about being back at work. They understand your professional life more than others, so enjoy that camaraderie. Also, having enjoyable conversations with friendly colleagues is most likely to boost your level of happiness in the office. 

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