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Introducing the CHRO Podcast, a captivating audio series that takes you on a journey into the minds of South Africa’s top HR leaders and experts. In this groundbreaking show, we delve deep into their personal life experiences that shaped them into the exceptional leaders they are today, unravelling the stories of triumph, resilience, and growth, shared by these remarkable individuals who have navigated the dynamic world of human resources. Published monthly on all popular podcast streaming platforms, the CHRO Podcast also serves as a treasure trove of human capital best practices. 


Empowering the workforce, with Tsebo Solutions Chief People Officer Elanie Kruger

In this episode, Tsebo Solutions Group Chief People Officer Elanie Kruger shares her views on the role that HR leaders should play to combat the seemingly undeterrable monster that is youth unemployment. There are concerns that South Africa may soon have one of the highest global jobless rates, especially among the youth aged 15-34. This unemployment crisis has far-reaching consequences, as it exacerbates other challenges such as skills shortages that are prevalent across all sectors, hampering economic growth, development, and employability. Elanie thus talks about the upside of enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion. as well as the importance of investing in Learning and Development (L&D) beyond the mandated 1% minimum spending requirement.