Microsoft provides consulting and product and solution support services, and train and certify computer system integrators and developers.

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When Microsoft was started, it was first and foremost a software company. Today, we are a technology-led digital transformation company, and enabler of accelerated business innovation through truly secure platforms, technologies, and partners.

We understand that digital transformation allows organisations to better compete in an economic environment that is continuously changing, through digital or technological evolution.
Microsoft has the most trusted and comprehensive cloud in the industry – one that pivots not only across industries, but also solutions areas. We translate business, customer, operational and people needs into digital solutions that enable business innovation and empower businesses to do what they need to, at scale.

The needs of our customers are rapidly evolving, and the cloud is critical for businesses to be more resilient and agile. The Microsoft Cloud enables businesses to make faster, more intelligent decisions, giving their customers and employees better experiences – with the peace of mind of knowing that security is end-to-end and built into every layer.

Through Microsoft Cloud we are helping businesses to deliver innovation, productivity, and flexibility that allows them to adapt to ongoing change and evolving business needs. More and more, moving to the cloud is serving as a competitive advantage and an enabler of transformation that lets businesses
achieve more.