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In the latest sizzling edition of CHRO SA magazine, we’ve got a line-up that’s bound to set your HR aspirations on fire! In our cover story, we dive into the extraordinary journey of Annalize van der Waal, the HR VP of Pepsico South Africa, who’s redefining what it means to be a top HR executive.

Discover the untold power of a robust diversity, inclusion, and equality strategy in a global powerhouse, as Diana Johnson from British American Tobacco unveils the secrets to success while Dr Mamello Masia, the HR executive at Mowana Properties, shares her visionary perspective on embracing anti-fragility in the dynamic world of HR. Plus, HR guru Enid Lizamore spills the beans on her exhilarating new role as the people director at Heineken Beverages.

Discover the brilliance within our HR community as we shine the spotlight on the nominees for the 2023 CHRO Awards, get an exclusive peek into the glittering events that have been lighting up the HR landscape throughout the year, and delve deep into the groundbreaking insights revealed by the CHRO Day survey results.

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