Engen's award-winning training programme is changing lives


Engen Learn, as it is called, teaches petrol attendants critical life skills.

Engen has developed an e-learning programme that helps petrol attendants learn critical life skills. Engen Learn was created in collaboration with FUEL Online Training and has delivered a record 3.5 million training interventions to Engen forecourt attendants around the country since its inception in 2013. The training focuses on job skills and competencies related to customer service as well as critical life-skills which can be accessed via an iPad training app. Community support material created for Engen staff includes basic first aid, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and understanding money management.

The programme has received numerous national awards, including an award from Apple for innovation, and a Directors Best Choice nomination for the same award in 2018. Engen retail training academy manager Renee Kemm calls the training programme a groundbreaking solution which, if nurtured, has the power to be a truly transformative force in South Africa. 

“We are very excited by the level of success achieved by our programme. The Engen sites that implemented Engen Learn have delivered increased customer satisfaction,” says Renee.

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Meanwhile, the programme has also offered 640,000 education interventions concerning people living with HIV, which still affects millions of South African families.

“I have learned to identify someone who uses substances. I learnt how to budget. I have learned how to deal with someone who is HIV positive,” said one of the participants who submitted comments in a company survey about the programme.

“Engen Learn has taught me to be a strong and resourceful manager and it has given me some powerful life lesson especially when it comes to budgeting and being a responsible person in life,” said another of the petrol attendants participating in the programme. 

One said that ever since the introduction of Engen Learn she had become debt free and had learnt so much about financial wellness and other important skills. Another said they had learnt to identify substance abusers, how to budget and how to deal with people who are HIV positive.

“When I started as a cashier it was just a job. The Engen Learn modules about the history of Engen fascinated me. Today, even the President is not as happy as I am in my job. All thanks to a simple app,” said another.

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