High praise for the virtual HR Indaba Network launch


Accolades are still pouring in from attendees of the momentous event, which took place last week.

Attendees of Africa’s first and largest-ever virtual gathering of HR practitioners are still sending messages to organisers CHRO South Africa for hosting a successful event. On Wednesday 14 October, HR professionals and service providers were treated to 10 superb Impact Sessions with world-class speakers, live engagement, and a selection of leading HR service providers. In addition to finding out about the latest in HR tools and services, attendees heard from top HR leaders, who shared their experiences on how Covid-19 has affected organisations’ management of remote workforces, safety culture, and revealed their plans for returning to the office.

One attendee said, “The session was profound. HR is a very complex and undermined service hence it is very challenging to and or difficult to demonstrate value add in monetary terms. I like how the session enlightened the means and strategies an HR representative may use to achieve this working with managers.”

Another attendee said they enjoyed the virtual event even more than the “actual HR Indaba Network that I have attended. With the virtual Indaba, you are at your comfort zone with no distractions. You can focus on the guest speakers, ask questions, send comments and there is not that rush when you have to go to the rooms. With the physical event, there were times when one wanted to attend a session, only to find that it was fully booked and there was no space. So you would simply have to miss that session.”

A young graduate who attended the event said the live sessions with top tier HR professionals from different companies were exceptional and that, “It was truly an excellent learning experience for me and it put a lot of things into perspective for me as a graduate.”

Overall, the virtual HR Indaba was a resounding success and attendees will be fortunate to still be able to access all the content for the coming year.

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