How Fedgroup gamified work to enhance the employee experience 


Fedgroup CFO provides some detail around project PIG

In 2018, FedGroup announced it had been able to achieve remarkable productivity gains through the introduction of a gamification strategy called Project PIG, which stands for Predictability, Involvement and Growth. 

It involved the use of highly visible screens throughout the office show teams how close they are to meeting goals, thereby incentivising staff to work towards a common purpose. In addition, management has near-real-time access to deep-dive reports. 

Through that initiative, they were able to reduce daily inbound communications from 500 at inception to less than 200, and slashed the dropped call rate from 20 percent to less than 1 percent, beating both industry norms as well as their own stricter deadlines and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Fedgroup CFO Sheldon Friedericksen says that, while the company has almost doubled from 90 to 165 employees over the last five years but their staff turnover has remained just at under 2.5 percent per annum - because people are passionate about working at Fedgroup.

“Extrinsic benefits will always play a role and remuneration will remain a primary motivator. If you’re not paying fairly in the market then you will fail to attract talent. However, in the current workplace, this is not the differentiator of the day. Not anymore,” he writes in the a piece for CFO SA. 

“It is the intrinsic rewards that truly motivate people. Values, culture, purpose – this is what resonates with the modern employee. If these are not in place, organisations will find top talent jumping ship at the first whiff of a higher salary.” 

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To gasify the work experience, Fedgroup used predictive measurements that help their employees understand their purpose within the business. This included using a single administration system that analyses data across all product lines to build the world of Fedtropolis – a living, breathing digital world populated by avatars that resemble their employees. 

“When our teams succeed, the world grows,” says Sheldon.

“Much like a video game, we give our teams weekly, monthly and yearly targets in the form of quests. These quests appear on screens throughout the business showing everyone the progress that has been made. As the quests are completed, the world grows and thrives. “

Next to the main Fedtropolis screen on the operations floor is a vending machine that is configured using a bespoke IT solution to integrate their measurement tools and was painted pink and ‘dressed up’ as a pig. The whole idea behind the pig is that when internal targets are met, the pig glows a healthy pink and dispenses free snacks to staff. However, when targets aren’t met the pink turns to blue and the pig shuts down. 

Says Sheldon: “This is the instant and short-term gratification that a younger workforce thrives on.  On top of our gamification initiative, our employee of the month programme provides another unique experience that quite literally drives our employees. Once selected by our CEO, the winning employee doesn’t get your standard email props and gift voucher. They get to drive a Mercedes SLK for a month. This is the kind of motivation that inspires a new level of passion and effort. It’s exciting, it’s tangible and it’s worth pursuing.”


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