HR Indaba Africa 2018: Bebedeparis provides companies with personalised newborn baby gifts and hampers

Employees feel valued and appreciated when they receive an original and thoughtful gift from the employer at the happiest moment of their lives, when a new baby is born, says Bebedeparis MD Peet Erasmus.

With only days left before the inaugural HR Indaba, the anticipation from partners is palpable. In this article, we speak to Peet Erasmus, the MD of Bebedeparis, about why he is looking forward to the event.

What is Bebedeparis?

"Bebedeparis is an international e-commerce business that specialises in providing baby gifts and hampers to company employees and clients that are about to have a baby. The gifts can be personalised with the company’s logo and have the baby's name on the gift, which just makes the gift a little bit more special. How it works is, the company gives us a budget and a preference for what kinds of gifts they want, and we assemble it for them at a special price. To top it off, we have the gifts delivered to the hospital, clinic or home by a bell boy or porter that is dressed in full uniform in Gauteng at the moment and to the rest of the country by courier. So it's a unique product and experience for the recipient.

"The employer can choose out of our range of readymade hampers or any products out of our Bebedeparis range to make up their own hamper within their budget. We have a range of products from clothing and baby cutlery to toys, gift sets, blankets and bottles."

It seems like quite a unique service. How did you come to start the franchise and how has the response been so far?

"There has definitely been a demand for what we offer because most companies really care for their employees and thus do have a budget to buy a gift for employees who have just become parents. Even if they don't, you often find that employees pool funds together to get something or have a baby shower for their colleague. Employees feel valued and appreciated when they receive an original and thoughtful gift from the employer. Usually, companies will simply send flowers or chocolates with a card or something like that but this is more personalised, trendy and meaningful.

"My wife and I came across the company while travelling in Spain where the head office is and thought it was a good idea to open a franchise in South Africa. The headquarters serves about 13 000 companies at the moment and there are also franchises in Spain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the UK, so it really has been well received abroad. I think we'll have a similar experience here once more people know about our exclusive service. Worldwide deliveries are also facilitated by all our franchise partners.” 

Why have you signed up for the HR Indaba and what should attendees look forward to seeing from you at the event?

"Because we primarily work with companies that want to make their employees feel valued and appreciated, our offering falls within the domain of HR because they are the ones that look after the welfare of employees. They are the ones that know who is on maternity leave and when they are expecting the child to arrive so we deal with them primarily. So we felt that we just had to be at an event that promised to have thousands of HR professionals all gathered in one place so that we can present our exclusive service to them.”