HR Indaba Africa 2019: Introducing the Lesson Desk Journey, an employee's comprehensive training guide


Lesson Desk's Abigail Potgieter describes the tool that they will be showcasing at the Indaba.

Lesson Desk is an end-to-end training partner that caters to a diverse range of industries, but has found a gap in the sales sector, an industry where allocating time to train its workforce is one its bigger but most important challenges. 

The Lesson Desk Journey is a training tool that targets specific areas in the recruitment and product training process. Marketing Coordinator at Lesson Desk, Abigail Potgieter explains what the concept is and how it actually works. “The Lesson Desk Journey is a comprehensive training guide, with specific tracks targeting key areas,” she says. “These areas have been broken it down into five key phases and these include; screening, onboarding, formal training, surveys and exit interviews, these phases will be fully unpacked at the HR Indaba Africa 2019.” 

Although the Lesson Desk Journey isn’t a new concept altogether, as other companies are already practising it, most companies don’t offer it in the same way that they do. What sets them apart is that they offer group training, capable of training a large number of employees at the time, making the job easier for human resources personnel or facilitators.

Group and individual training 

The group training platform enables companies to set up their own classrooms remotely using sophisticated hardware. In these classrooms the learners don’t even need smart devices to participate in lessons.

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“One of the services that we offer is group training that allows you to train up to 20 employees at the same time and still obtain their individual results in seconds. Our individual training platforms allows employees to train at their own pace, where ever they are, making it great for remote working,” she says. “Parts of the Journey are fairly new, for example; the screening and onboarding tracks were launched mid-2019, but our focus has always been on training,” she says. What’s great about this product is that it works in conjunction with our already existing products and you can it throughout your employee’s life-cycle in the company.” 

This means employees can benefit from it, from the day that they start at a company up until they leave for whatever reason. The product also caters to different types of industries and is not necessary confide to one. At the moment their niche is really product training, allowing employees to have an intrinsic understanding of the product or service they are dealing with.

Research and development 

The product is continuously being development with hopes of adding more features to it and producing other versions of it. In the future the company has intends on working with bigger organizations with a larger capacity of people to train. When these companies use the product they’ll save time, money and increase productivity.

Content creation and planning 

In addition, Lesson Desk offers content creation done by their content creation team. The team can create content for clients from scratch, transfer already existing content on to Lesson Desk’s platform and make it even better than before.

Return on investment 

Employers that adopt this product can see a visible improvement in employee engagement, improved knowledge retention through micro-learning, improved productivity and reduced staff turnover later. “Companies can also save on travel cost associated with training like sending employees from one province to another to do some training, now they can do it from the convenience of their own branches since content is centralised and available at the touch of a button.”



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