HR Indaba Africa 2019: JvR Psychometrics says it was exactly what they expected


Impressed by the inaugural event, JvR is working on some new offerings to showcase at the 2019 Indaba.

The inaugural HR Indaba featured psychometry and psychology specialist group JvR Psychometrics. Among other things, the group delivers integrated assessment and process consulting services to individuals, groups and organisations in order to translate the intangible, psychological aspects of work into meaningful business solutions. In this article, we speak to the company’s sales & marketing director Hofmeyr De Beer about their experience at last year’s event what they have planned for 2019.

What was your overall impression of the inaugural HR Indaba? 

We were very impressed. Never have we been to an event where there were so many different stakeholders and role payers within a specific profession in one place. There were thought leaders, C-suite executives, HR professionals and service providers, who were all there in the interests of advancing the people agenda in business. Also, the sheer turnout was something to behold. We were kept quite busy at our stand. 

Were you able to generate some good sales leads from the event?

Certainly. I can’t recall what the actual conversion rate was but we were definitely able to generate some good business. That’s why we are excited about this year’s event.

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What was it about your offering that appealed to people that visited your stand? 

Attendees were quite excited about our ability to match organisations with people that would be good a fit for them in terms of their personalities, aptitudes and attitudes. Our psychometric expertise allows us to get some really deep insights into potential candidates, which significantly reduces the risk of making the wrong appointment. 

For instance, in the age of disruption there is a trend within large corporate to launch smaller business units that are more entrepreneurial about the way they operate and are quite risky ventures by design. Finding the right people to head up those units can be very tricky because you need a very specific kind of person who may not yet have the experience of building a successful venture, but has the potential to. We are able to match organisations with talent that is more innovation inclined and who think very much like entrepreneurs. Finding the right person to lead those kinds of projects is critical to success. It doesn’t remove all the risk but it does reduce it quite a bit. 

Are you planning on introducing any new elements to your offering this year?

Yes, actually. We are working on a bringing a product to market that diagnoses team performance and culture. Teams are often more than the sum of its individual members, so while getting fit and diversity right is important; certain habits, practices, and norms can have a very large impact on the functioning of the team. This assessment will allow business leaders to benchmark their high performing teams as well as evaluate teams that have under-delivered and diagnose the issues. 

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