HR Indaba Africa 2019: Maccauvlei Learning Academy's reputation keeps them top of mind


This training company has been delivering L&D interventions since 1957. 

Founded in 1957, Maccauvlei Learning Academy (MLA) is about as established as any L&D brand can be. They were initially owned by Anglo American and was the internal training arm for all operations. As Anglo expanded into coal and other precious metals, so did the Central Training Unit, as it was then known.

“There was a management buy-out in 2006 and the company was privatised,” says Christo Van Hoek, Acting GM at MLA. “We moved from the campus in Vereeniging in 2012 and set ourselves up in Meyersdal, South of Johannesburg. 

“Inyathi Ibuzwa Kwabaphambili” - Zulu Saying

Zulu wisdom teaches us that if you want to know where the buffaloes are, ask the people in front, as they know best how to find them. Likewise, if you want to know how best to develop your staff, ask the people at the forefront of people development solutions. That’s Maccauvlei Learning Academy. At Maccauvlei, we focus on people first, because we understand that hearts and minds have to be engaged in order for development to take place. Whatever the language, background or culture, our approach is to understand the heart of the individual so that we can most effectively speak to the mind through purpose-driven development journeys for individuals, teams and organisations.

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Says Christo: “We have absolutely fantastic facilitators. We have a small group of core staff and associates that have been with us for 25 years or longer and they have immense experience. Put that together with the quality of our content and back office - we have a fully-fledged R&D department where we co-create learning interventions with our clients – and you begin to understand why we’ve been in the business for 62 years.” 

Christo is aware of the trend to move towards on-demand learning and says that the academy is looking to strengthen its eLearning solutions. At the moment, they have a series called Pollen through which they disseminate their interventions digitally. 

“Our Values are honesty, accountability and trust and our philosophy is Sedibeng go iwa ka tsela, which , in Setswana means, ‘you can only go to a fountain if you have a road.’ We will assist you to build capacity and show you the way to find your sediba,” says Christo.

Visit the MLA exhibition stand NO:113 at the HR Indaba to find out more about developing learning interventions that will increase productivity, enhance performance and improve overall ROI.



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