HR Indaba Africa 2019 Preview: CCG Systems is working on an exciting voice-integrated HR solution


The solution will give companies a virtual HR assistant that has the capability to compile statistics.

The inaugural HR Indaba featured CCG Systems, an off-the-shelf payroll and employee services company that also plays in the technology space and ERP Systems. In this article, we speak to Walter Muwandi, the CEO and founder of CCG Systems, about the company’s experience at last year’s event and what their plans are for 2019.

What was your impression of the inaugural HR Indaba?
"It was a thrilling experience. The event was so well attended that the venue was buzzing. I was quite impressed to see so many HR professionals in one place. I also liked the quality of exhibitioners. As a player in the technology space, it was quite interesting to see the solutions that other companies are offering. I wasn't able to attend any of the breakaway sessions but the feedback that I received from our stakeholders regarding the topics and the calibre of speakers was extremely positive."

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Did you get a return on your investment as an exhibitor?
"For us, it was more of a branding exercise so it's difficult to measure whether there was a return on investment in that sense. In terms of exposure, the HR Indaba definitely delivered on what it had promised so we're happy with that. That said, we were able to arrange some follow-up presentations, which resulted in new clients signing up."

Do you have anything exciting planned for 2019?
"We will be launching a cloud-based HR system with voice integration capabilities that allows it to be integrated with devices like Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. So, if an employee wants to log a leave application, for example, they won't have to go through the process of sending an email to someone, they can simply talk to a device that uses artificial intelligence to process the request and is able to speak back to the employee to let them know whether the application has been approved or not. It will also provide data analytics around key HR matrices, such as employee retention rate, employee turn over, payroll summary, and headcount, the parameters of which would be requested and defined verbally."

"Essentially, it will enable organisations to have a virtual HR assistant that has the capability to compile statistics. Imagine being able to log queries and execute tasks by simply verbalising them. Saying “email me my payslip", or asking “what is the current headcount,” or “give me last year’s employee retention rate.”... It is something will go a long way towards making people management more convenient and efficient. We're very excited about it."

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