HR Indaba Africa 2019:  talentCRU helps you focus on your core business 


The company offers tailored talent acquisition and overall talent management solutions.

MSP (Managed Service Provider) and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) provider, talentCRU, will feature at this year’s HR Indaba. The company’s managing executive, Lerato Semenya says that their value proposition stems from being able to offer tailored talent acquisition and overall talent management solutions – fit for now, and for their clients’ future. Through the MSP, they deliver a wide variety of benefits through contract lifecycle management, and associated benchmarking that make sure their clients are paying the right price for the right skills and level of experience, every time - for their contingent workforce needs.  Through the RPO – they offer recruitment services for organisations’ permanent workforce needs – fully immersing themselves into organisations to understand their current talent needs, leveraging their network to bring in that talent, and then working together to start to anticipate future needs and related capacity.

“What we are able to guarantee is consistency of service and spend visibility over the lifecycle of our engagement with clients, which means that they will very quickly be able to see the value of our offering. We can drive down cost of vacancy in the way they are able to get the right people into the right vacancies within a shorter space of time than they would otherwise be able to,” says Lerato, adding that RPO is not only about putting recruitment consultants on-site as many people think it is. 

What makes talentCRU different?

Today, recruitment has become more of a science with technology allowing for better analysis of what talent needs are and better tools for evaluating whether candidates will be a good fit. The combination of domain knowledge, the power of technology and best of breed processes, total talent management has become possible through innovation.

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While talentCRU sees the HR Indaba as an opportunity to engage the market, Lerato strongly believes in dialogue – and an overall requirement for the industry to constantly and consistently reinvent itself to deliver to customer needs. The responsibility of finding and managing talent can no longer be viewed as the sole responsibility of HR – talent is intended to activate the strategy, deliver the imperatives of the business – so there should be harmony from all parts of the business – right up to the C-Suite , with a clear and understood impact on procurement, cash flow and overall business performance. That is why companies should truly consider partnering with an outsourcer. talentCRU’s RPO and MSP services allow its clients’ HR functions, as well as Procurement, to be more strategic.

Outsourcing, within the context of the local market still needs to be understood

Lerato says outsourcing has typically had a lot of negative connotations associated with it, often because many organisations don’t have a clear grasp of their own needs and readiness for outsourcing. Clients cannot outsource as a proxy for understanding their requirements. In these instances, you may then have organisations maintaining control of a function that has in fact been outsourced – disallowing the outsourcer to execute as contracted, which would have in turn allowed the organisation to apply itself to its higher value, more strategic, core revenue-generating activities. 

“That is why we go into an organisation, fully immerse ourselves in what it is you do and what your needs are and we subsequently propose a solution that adds tangible value to what is already in place. We don’t try to replace or completely change a company’s way of doing things without due diligence,” says Lerato. 

“Depending on the business leaders’ level of readiness with regards to their understanding of outsourcing, we give them whatever level of control they have an appetite for. If their maturity is high, organisations will let us run the service in its entirety, allowing the organisations to focus on core revenue-generating functions whereas organisations that are still coming to grips with what outsourcing truly implies then we are also willing to partner with them on our mutual path to success.”

Become a master of contingent workforce planning 

By employing the services of a company like talentCRU, an organisation allows its HR people to become less transactional and more strategic, getting more involved in unpacking issues around what the workplace of the future will look like, for example, in order to better understand the skills demands of the short, medium and long-term future and prepare accordingly.

Something that many organisations are currently looking into, for instance, is the contingent workforce, the gig economy and freelancing – and how that impacts their ability to attract and retain talent.  Agility has become somewhat of a buzzword with regard to understanding the workforce of the future and being agile means organisations have to learn to master contingent workforce planning. They have to be able hire contingent the right skills on an ad-hoc and on-demand basis, and then terminate their employment once the work requirement is met. This contingent workforce also helps businesses offset a skills gap, providing businesses with a large pool of experienced candidates who are already equipped with the skills required to execute a project efficiently.

With talentCRU as a client, you are able to delve into the realm of contingent workforce planning and other strategies that enable organisations to deliver the most value to their customers.

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