HR Indaba Africa 2019:  The HR Analytics Institute focusses on data driven HR


It teaches HR professionals to speak the language of money, profit and loss, and ROI.

With over 3,000 attendees,close to 50 exhibitors and numerous knowledge sharing sessions, the inaugural HR Indaba was arguably a resounding success. In this article, Buyile Mbanga, the director and founder of HR Analytics Institute talks about why they have chosen to be a part of this year’s conference. 

What does The HR Analytics Institute do, how long has it been around and what was the reason for starting the company?

We are a training business that focuses on analytical and business skills for HR Professionals. We teach HR Professionals to speak the language of money, profit and loss, return on investment among others. Because, by understanding statistical tools and incorporating data into their processes, HR can make decisions that will better benefit business in the long run.. 

I started the institute in South Africa around 18 months ago with the aim of changing how the HR function is positioned in the world of business and making it relevant through our skills training. 

How do you differentiate yourselves from other competitors in your space?

Our training approach is practical and can be applied immediately in the workplace. You will be able to apply and implement our practical skills and frameworks we teach and start seeing the benefits in your job and career. 

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We are also looking at developing more courses e.g. Statistics for HR Professionals are in the pipeline as well as enhancing our online offering. 

Currently our online offering is in partnership with Analytics in HR based in the Netherlands and would like to change that in the near future and have a locally based offering that is flexible to the needs of our clientele. 

Why have you signed up for the HR Indaba and what should attendees look forward to seeing from you at the event?

Engage with the HR community and showcase our offering to them and how it can benefit them as well as answer possible questions they might have on our offering. 

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing the HR profession?

Skills that are relevant to the changing world of business. There is still a disconnect between what academic institutions offer in their curriculums and what the businesses of today require. 

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