Join the upcoming webinar about managing labour relations online


Learn about digitising and automating labour relations with experts from erNavigator and Bowmans.

The impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown have exacerbated pressure to accelerate the digitisation of business processes. CHRO SA will be hosting a webinar on 16 September during which industry experts will provide a playbook for how to practice labour relations from a distance.

Nikita Reddy from the Bowmans Employment and Benefits team will advise on how to update and create labour relations policies and procedures for a scattered workforce. Khomotso Makapane from the Bowmans Employment and Benefits team will provide tips and tricks for conducting an online disciplinary hearing.

Then, Gary Slom, chief operating officer of erNavigator, will highlight the risks that companies face if they do not have remote-workforce-ready labour relations technologies in place. Gary will then also outline the technology required to digitise and automate labour relations cases and processes so that compliance, consistency, and fairness can be maintained across a geographically scattered workforce.

Gary will reflect on the extent to which companies’ level of digitisation correlates directly to their resilience. Thrust into the world of remote working, organisations can no longer ignore the need to operate from the cloud, and that’s where software like erNavigator comes into play.

“erNavigator is a cloud-based software solution which digitises and automates labour relations processes, enabling labour relations teams and line managers to conduct cases and carry-out tasks online and in compliance with best practices,” says Gary, adding that, combined with regularly and automatically updated extensive inbuilt labour relations knowledge, erNavigator empowers organisations and leverages built-in shared learning and ER training capabilities.

“This includes features like a virtual ‘guide’ that directs each user through the tasks required of them wherein step-by-step, the software shows users what the correct path to take is and provides them with instructions and advice on how to proceed, educating and training them in making the correct labour relations decisions as they go.”

Easy to navigate

Established in 2003, erNavigator is now used by many leading blue-chip corporates in South Africa across all industries, including the financial services, mining, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and education sectors.

With erNavigator, any member of staff, regardless of their level of labour relations training or knowledge can use our software to navigate all the potential pitfalls of employee relations with relative ease, enabling the organisation to seamlessly manage and maintain their compliance targets.

“We started with the idea to empower line managers and labour relations teams, allowing them to effectively manage their labour relations cases and visualise their data online. 

Since our founding in 2003 we have helped businesses of all sizes and industry types and now have hundreds of thousands of users on our platform across 27 countries,” says erNavigator COO Gary Slom, adding that their unique solution allows compliant best-practice labour relations to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively across an entire organisation.

What makes erNavigator unique is that it is a process management system that digitised and automates labour relations processes, enabling labour relations teams and line managers to conduct cases and carry-out all their tasks online, and to report in real-time.

“erNavigator is not a traditional HR record-keeping system that is designed to only capture limited labour relations case information, such as its eventual outcome after the fact. Using such a system adds little value, as processes are still manual and real-time reporting is not possible,” says Gary.

“erNavigator also provides instant access to the most up-to-date South African labour relations information and knowledge as well as access to tried and tested best practice labour relations processes and procedures, all within a single user- friendly interface. No more searching for information or looking for advice.”





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