Momentum Consultants and Actuaries gets behind the CHRO community


MCA has become a principal partner in order to enable further engagement within the community.

Momentum Consultants and Actuaries (MCA) has joined forces with CHRO SA as a principal partner for its upcoming HR community events. These events will be pivotal in helping HR professionals to cope with the changing environment due to Covid-19 and its impact on their businesses.

According to Blessing Utete, Executive Director at MCA, the decision to partner with the CHRO SA community was influenced by HR professionals’ need to engage differently with their employees and to better prepare for the future, given the global socio-economic landscape.

“There is a growing need to improve engagement levels amongst employees in the continuing war for talent. Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges in today’s workforce, particularly during times of such immense uncertainty when HR teams have to find ways of creating engagement strategies for their employees in order to build a positive and engaging culture,” says Blessing.

The current situation brought by Covid-19 has changed how organisations do business, and will, in turn, affect the future of employment as well as the provision of employee benefits. 

“Achieving business success requires adaptive, competitive, skilled staff, and a culture that fosters attracts and retains top talent. As MCA, we believe that a relevant and successful employee benefit structure is the foundation of a compelling employee value proposition, while innovation and best-of-breed solutions are the building blocks of this foundation,” adds Utete.

“Not only does this ensure that employees are happier, but it also makes them more invested in the company’s success. The success of a business depends heavily on the engagement of its employees, as happy, engaged employees are more effective and productive,” continues Blessing. 

The partnership with CHRO SA will provide a platform for HR professionals to get advice on how to navigate through these tough times while helping their organisations to move forward and weather the storm.

CHRO SA held its first online summit on the 1st of April when HR professionals across the country came together through video conference to engage in dialogue around the impact of Covid-19 on both business and socio-economic landscape. They also discussed the challenges and ideas for remaining productive during the lockdown and ensuring that their respective organisations are poised to hit the ground running once the pandemic is under control.

“We believe that it is through such events that HR professionals can actively engage and gain insight from their industry peers and be able to move their organisations forward post Covid-19,” concludes Blessing.






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