SA HR news roundup: MTN links pay to ESG targets, software skills going offshore

First hydrogen corridor has massive job creation potential.

Telecommunications giant MTN announces that senior executive remuneration will be linked to ESG targets, while Takealot sounds the alarm over software engineering skills moving abroad. Meanwhile, the country’s first hydrogen corridor has the potential to create between 20,000 and 40,000 extra jobs and the department of Public Service and Administration aims to alleviate the administrative burden on its human resources by changing requirements for job applicants.

Software engineering skills moving abroad

South Africans in the software engineering space are taking their skills offshore, according to Takealot, which employs more than 2,000 people.

“We are very much aware that we are still a small component of the market and I think as awareness grows, people will be attracted to e-commerce – so when it comes to the commercial, sales and marketing aspects of the business, it’s not that difficult to find skilled people,” said Ryan Ferreira, head of retail and marketplace at Takealot. He was speaking at an event prior to the Insaka eCommerce Summit.

Ryan added, “Where the difficulty sits is in the engineering space – it’s highly competitive: not only are you competing with the likes of big businesses in South Africa, but people are also moving offshore.”

Public Service changes application requirements

The department of Public Service and Administration has told national and provincial departments that job applicants no longer need to submit certified copies of their educational qualifications and other relevant documents on their applications.

According to the department, applicants must submit a completed Z83 form, copies of supporting documents and a detailed CV.

Public Service and Administration Acting Director-General, Linda Dludla, said in order to alleviate the administrative burden to human resource sections as well as cost for applicants, departments are encouraged to request certified copies of educational qualifications and other relevant documents only from shortlisted candidates.

Hydrogen corridor has huge job creation potential

South Africa’s first hydrogen corridor now under development has the potential to generate tens of thousands of jobs.

This was announced at the African Mining Indaba, where it was also noted that the just energy transition and reducing carbon intensity in production were critically important components of the hydrogen economy, which would bring a big market for PGMs.

“So, it’s really a big area of focus. It has huge job creation potential as well as significant economic potential from a country-level perspective. We estimate that the green hydrogen economy in South Africa could generate something like 20,000 to 40,000 extra jobs as we go forward,” said Minerals Council South Africa CEO Roger Baxter.

MTN links pay to ESG targets

The MTN Group has linked the remuneration of senior executives with the group’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets, supporting the delivery of its Ambition 2025 strategy and, in particular, the strategic priority to create shared value with ESG at the core.

CEO Ralph Mupita said, “Effectively managing our ESG impacts is critical to reaching Ambition 2025.”

As the company continually strives to meet the increasingly high standards its stakeholders demand regarding the group’s ESG impact, MTN has now linked the 2022 executive remuneration for short- and long-term incentives to ESG, he explained.