Security guards clash with employers over UIF payments


Millenium Body Guards' employees say the company should have claimed on their behalf.

Pretoria News has reported that employees at security company Millennium Body Guards are embroiled in a fight with their employer over Unemployment Insurance Fund payments, which they claim were not paid last month after they were laid off, saying the company failed to request support.

The security guards alleged they were shocked not to receive salaries in April despite the company making UIF deductions.

In a statement issued to Pretoria News on behalf of the company, the firm Rianie Strijdom Attorney said: 

“Take note that the basis of an employment relationship is the employment contract entered into between the employee and the employer in terms of which the employee would render services to the employer and the employer would remunerate the employee for services rendered.

“Thus, an employer is under no legal obligation to pay wages or salaries to employees if no ‘hours of work’ could take place, as was the situation our client found itself in during the lockdown period.”



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