The partners have spoken: 5 great reasons to exhibit at HR Indaba Africa 2019


In case you were on the fence about signing up, here's what some returning partners have had to say about last year's event.

This year’s HR Indaba is sure to live up to the already-high expectations set by the inaugural showpiece, confirming it as a signature event in the HR calendar. In addition to fantastic insights and thought leadership, attendees will also be able to engage with new HR products and service providers in order to gain first-hand knowledge on how best to improve people practices in their organisations. 

Attendees can also expect to hear from Keynote speaker Michael Cook who is a Senior Manager in Cognizant’s EMEA Center who, in his role, identifies the changing dynamics that will shape the business ecosystem of the future, delivering original research and analysis of work trends in Europe. Also expected to deliver a Keynote address is Renata Schoeman, psychiatrist and associate professor in leadership at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, who will discuss the impact of workplace bullying, with an emphasis on the corporate narcissist and psychopath. She will also discuss “red flags” to look out for in order to identify these “toxic” individuals and how to mitigate the effect they have on employees and the organisation.

With only a month to go before the second instalment of the great HR showpiece, five fantastic testimonials and success stories from partners at last year's event.

1 The event is fantastically priced

Brian Fenton, founder and director at Aspiration Talent says: "It was an excellent event for several reasons but the biggest one was the pricing. An exhibition that doesn’t charge entry for the majority of delegates is invaluable to the exhibitors. A lot of our potential clients are small businesses and the fact that it was economical for people to attend made it worthwhile for us. I would really urge HR Indaba not to move away from that.  Similarly, with the prices for exhibitors, I think there was great value for us last year, especially because we also had a speaking slot. This made it a lot easier to have a conversation when people came to our stand."

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2 It's a great platform for creating brand awareness  

Nicci Erasmus, sales director at Bebedeparis says: "A vast majority of HR professionals were surprised to find that a unique service like ours exists in South Africa. We thus generated many leads and already converted some leads to customers. Most of our current marketing efforts are directed towards companies that we met at the conference thus providing us with the customer footprint we need to engage with customers that already met us at the conference."

 3 Generate leads that could bring in millions in sales revenue head of sales Henneri Crous says the leads that the company generated last year resulted in sales revenue of about R1.5 million. 

Says Henneri: “Of all our marketing efforts last year, the HR Indaba was by far the one event that gave us the most exposure. We had so many visitors to our stand, we were more than happy with the return on our investment. What makes the HR Indaba different from similar conferences is that it gave us access to people who work across the entire spectrum of the HR profession, from the top HR executives in the country to talent experts and administrators. It was really a fantastic experience.”

4 Maximimum return on investment

Emergence Growth MD Raun Smythe says: "The leads were not just positive, but have generated actual sales in excess of 20x the amount we invested in being there. The combination of speaking and exhibiting was a big win. It was a combination of the value that was created for our brand just by being there, and for the value that was created in meeting new people from a variety of organisations. It’s rare to go to a conference and get such a quick return on investment."

5 Engage and network with top companies 

Zuko Mdwaba, country leader at Workday South Africa says: "Since day one, Workday has understood that a strong corporate culture would serve as the foundation for the company’s success. In order to build a company that would revolutionize the enterprise software market, Workday’s founders knew they needed to recruit, reward, and retain the very best people. To do this meant fostering an employee-first culture where people are valued, heard, inspired, and encouraged to bring their best selves to work.  We look forward to again engaging the HR community on how to drive business growth and prepare for the future."

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