Truck driver protests resume in KZN


The Mercury reported that 350 truck drivers were dispersed by rubber bullets from police.

Truck drivers in Kwa-Zulu Natal have vowed to continue protest action until employers give them an undertaking that no foreign drivers will be employed. This is according The Mercury, which on Monday reported that about 350 local truck drivers went on a “rampage’ on the N2 highway near the old Durban airport, throwing rocks at motorists and blocking vehicles from entering the old airport premises.

The group of protesters on dispersed when Police arrived and forced to use rubber bullets calm tempers. 

The Mercury article quotes a representative of All Truck Drivers’ Foundation, Ntsanananda Gasa, who said they were not xenophobic, but that they advocated for 100 percent employment of local drivers because they want to feed their families. 

This incident comes a month after 1,500 truck drivers abandoned their trucks across the country, when, parts of the N1 in Cape Town were closed,  motorists were diverted to alternative routes, and trucks were set alight all in protest against the employment of foreign drivers in the road freight and logistics industry.




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