Twitter employees can work from home 'forever' if they want to


Employees will decide for themselves whether they want to return to the office after lockdown. 

Twitter employees will now be allowed to work from home indefinitely, even after the Covid-19 lockdown has been dealt lifted. Business Insider has reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent an email to employees on Tuesday explaining that the decision, whether to work from home or return to the office after the lockdown, was theirs.

The email also said it was unlikely that Twitter would open its offices before September, and that business travel would remain cancelled until then as well, with very few exceptions.  

Twitter may very well be the first of many major corporations to make permanent remote working the new normal with many organisations realising that employees are not only happier now that they don’t have to endure long commutes, but there has also been a significant uptick in productivity in many cases. 

Also, with companies facing financial distress, the best course of action may be to save on the cost of having large office spaces and the maintenance thereof as companies work towards recovery from the financial impact of the pandemic. 

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