Vodacom introduces discounted voice, data and other services for job seekers

Vodacom’s Jorge Mendes says pandemic job losses mean that access is more critical than ever.

On 4 May, Vodacom launched a comprehensive support package for jobseekers under ConnectU.

ConnectU is a website that offers Vodacom subscribers access to a range of information for free. The support package is aimed at connecting more than seven million unemployed South Africans to jobs.

Customers can access discounted voice and data offers, continued access to learning and skills with Udemy, with up to six zero-rated job sites and its future jobs under the Finder tool.

Vodacom is also donating Facebook advertising to job seekers, helping them to promote their profiles using Facebook banner advertising to reach hiring managers across the country.

Jorge Mendes, chief officer for consumer business at Vodacom, said that due to the pandemic, half a million South Africans lost their jobs in 2020, according to Stats SA, “This has made the means to access opportunities even more critical, from finding a new job and reskilling, to ensuring your Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume is relevant for future skills.”

Jorge said that with the campaign, Vodacom aims to create visibility and awareness related to their support packages, and encourage customers to take advantage of them.

He added that they understand some jobseekers need qualifications in order to pursue some of the job opportunities in the marketplace, “and to this end, our VodaBucks Rewards Programme in partnership with Boston City Campus will award 15 lucky winners with bursaries to the value of R20,000 each. We recognise that Vodacom’s role in society is more vital than ever, and we are committed to building a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable digital society where everyone is connected and has the potential to thrive.”