Webinar to reveal the steps to a successful HR tech implementation


A software implementation, like SAP SuccessFactors, can change the culture of an organisation.

On 28 October, CHRO South Africa will be hosting a webinar in which Ronel Pfotenhauer, business owner for SuccessFactors within the Sanlam Group, will present Sanlam’s system replacement journey.

This webinar, in partnership with SAP Concur and SAP SuccessFactors, will look at how Sanlam embarked on an SAP SuccessFactors implementation in 2017, and while the initial mindset was one of system replacement, it soon became apparent that the data insights delivered by a powerful tech suite would deliver transformation of the talent function.

“We’ve been working in such close collaboration with marketing, IT and business intelligence that we are really starting to gain enterprise insights and enterprise analytics, working together to identify the best way to achieve the future overlay of all these data points,” Ronel says.

She will be joined by Liezl van Rensburg, the customer engagement executive at SAP SuccessFactors, who will look at how a software implementation can change the culture of an organisation and influence the behaviour of employees for better. She will highlight the transformational functionality of software solutions like SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur.

“When people look at technology, they see it as a software implementation, when it really isn’t,” says Liezl. “If you are not changing the culture of the organisation or the behaviour of the employees, what is the point of just implementing a piece of software? I think the transformational aspect becomes important in trying to see what you want to achieve and being able to work backwards from there.”

SAP SuccessFactors strategic advisor Bruno Bianchi will then deliver insights into how the right HR tools can support companies in becoming future fit, using examples of companies who have met this challenge. He will specifically highlight how these tools have supported talent flow during Covid-19, when snap decisions needed to be made about the redeployment of people within organisations.

Bruno explains that HR can be hamstrung without a proper comprehensive tool. “During Covid-19, some industries have had a talent flow problem – some departments are horribly understaffed, while others within the same group are overstaffed. With proper tools, it can be simple to identify how to move staff around, and how to do urgent training and upskilling to meet the needs of the different departments.”

Taken together, the presentations of these three different panellists will provide a broad overview of exactly how technology can support or even direct a culture shift, and provide much-needed direction when unexpected events necessitate HR agility.

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