Why every crisis is good for you

Don't miss out on our dinner series with performance expert Richard Sutton.

CHRO SA will be hosting a series of dinners in which performance expert Richard Sutton will share his unconventional wisdom on how to get the best out of your people.

Richard Sutton, a health and performance educator and consultant who is considered to be one of the foremost experts in his field, will be joining CHRO SA in hosting a series of dinners where HR leaders will have a chance to hear from him about how he has managed help top athletes to consistently reach their potential.

"It's all about taking people's potential and maximising it by introducing changes in cognitive behaviour, relationships and or lifestyle," says Richard who consults with leading companies on stress resilience, employee engagement and productivity, and has worked with top-tier athletes including five tennis players who've been ranked number one in the world, seven who have been in the top five, and several Olympic medalists from all over the world. 

Richard has also advised Olympic teams and international sporting federations. He has been a post-graduate lecturer in the areas of pain management, health and athletic development for almost two decades.

Crises are good

At the dinners, he plans to put a positive spin on stress and how it can be an important factor in achieving excellence. The author of The Stress Code: From Surviving to Thriving: A Scientific Model for Stress Resilience, will explain that, while chronic stress invariably has an adverse effect on one's physical and mental health, short intervals of stress can offer tremendous potential to grow, break personal barriers and excel. 

He will talk about why a crisis is the best way to bring out the best of your abilities. Having worked with Kevin Anderson - who last year made the US Open final and whose recent performances at Wimbledon made him the first South African to reach the men's final - Richard plans to share lessons on how Kevin's injury crisis 18 months ago actually led to him turning his career around towards becoming now the fifth-best player in the world. 

Says Richard:

"We can learn a lot from Kevin's experience and I would like to talk a little bit about that with the HR leaders. Another thing I would like to discuss is how pressure is a privilege. I strongly believe that the more pressure one is under, there more privileged they are in life. But people tend to see it the other way around, feeling pressure as more of a burden and I think that by simply changing that mindset people will already start getting more positive results out of stressful situations."

The dinners will be hosted on 13 September, 16 October and 30 October. Get in touch with CHRO SA community manager Maud Meijvis ([email protected] ) to book your place.