PRESS RELEASE: The Rising Cost Of Fuel In South Africa

Zeelo offers alternative shared transport solutions to reduce fuel costs.

Amid ongoing economic and environmental upheaval, an increasing cost of living and record-high levels of unemployment, the South African population is now also dealing with an excessive increase in the cost of fuel; currently 40 percent higher than it was in the previous year and expected to continue rising.

While Africa is accountable for the production of around 8 percent of the world’s crude oil, a lack of refinement capacity means that practically all of the fuel must be imported which, given the current state of global affairs, has exposed Africa’s vulnerability in terms of energy security. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and a European embargo on Russian crude oil, the continent has been hit harder than most.

This latest price hike indicates an average increase of R2,43 per litre of petrol and R1,10 per litre of diesel, yet given the state of public transport in South Africa, there are few alternatives to paying the exorbitant fuel costs should you have a need to travel for work or school.

Mitigation Measures For Rising Fuel Costs

The General Fuel Levy is used to maintain our road infrastructure and funds the Road Accident Fund. The government did provide an initial lifeline to drivers by prolonging the temporary cut in the fuel levy, which was implemented in April and imposed a general reduction on fuel prices by R1,50 for the month of June. This reprieve is expected to be rescinded come august however, leaving future affordability uncertain for much of the population.

In order to combat this problem, there are many other options available which can help people with their commuting needs. These include carpooling and using shared transport such as buses or taxis.

Zeelo is just one of these alternative shared transport solutions that can offer bespoke commuter services for group travel. We transport thousands of people to work on a daily basis, using data and technology to provide the best route and service to fit their needs.

There are many benefits to using these services; sustainability, social mobility and transparency to name but a few. In an age of rising fuel costs and socio-economic turbulence here are just some of the reasons your business needs Zeelo:

Reduce Workforce Reliance On Single Occupancy Vehicles.

People often have the perception that owning a car is the preferable transport alternative due to public transit being so poorly managed. A high percentage of South Africans (55.5 percent) drive to work in single-occupancy vehicles.

Yet with the added pain point of rising fuel costs, driving to work will very soon become out of reach to workers yet without sufficient public transportation, what are suitable alternatives? Because a shared transportation service for instance uses less fuel per rider than a single-occupancy vehicle, the financial, environmental and long-term benefits of such an offering will be felt almost immediately.

With rapidly climbing fuel costs could this be the much-needed push that the government needs towards progressing the country’s public transport offering.

Maximise Your Company’s Sustainability Targets

Travelling by car is particularly damaging because there are only 1.5 passengers per car on average. By far the most inefficient and environmentally destructive mode of transportation is driving alone. What is the solution? Reducing the number of cars on the road.

At Zeelo we want to get people talking about how to cut down on car trips. Fewer cars on the road will have a direct influence on pollution, as well as traffic and congestion issues. With fuel prices skyrocketing this month, there’s never been a better opportunity to solve this problem.

Zeelo offers 100 percent carbon neutral services. Working with Climate Partner, we measure and offset Zeelo’s GHG emissions, delivering our clients and riders carbon-neutral emission-free transportation services. We’ll help you reach your sustainability targets by removing cars and demonstrating the resulting CO2 savings associated with such a decrease.
When Zeelo provides a transport alternative to 100 people, that’s 403kg of CO2 saved every single day!

The rise in fuel prices has had an effect on all aspects of life in South Africa, especially when it comes to commuting and transportation. It is time that we start looking at alternative ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which will lower the cost of fuel and make it easier for people to commute, travel or move around within their communities.

Find out how your employees can reduce their dependence on single-occupancy vehicles for a daily commute amidst a rising fuel cost crisis!