2024 Skills Summit: solving the skills gap dilemma


CHRO Skills Summit will provide a platform for HR leaders to adopt a collaborative approach for tackling this pressing challenge.

In an age marked by swift technological progress and changing market landscapes, the need for specialised skills has far exceeded the supply of available talent. Despite efforts to build, buy and borrow talent, this shortage remains a significant threat to businesses’ capacity to innovate and transform.

On 21 February at the first CHRO South Africa Summit of the year, South Africa’s leading HR executives will convene to discuss how to deal with this pressing challenge.

On the day, workplace management solutions group Tsebo Solutions CEO Chris Jardine will share his thoughts on skills development as well as the responsible use of AI adoption.

“This is where the rubber hits the road for us. In our over 50-year-strong quest to build a brighter future for all, we continue to invest heavily in skills development, youth empowerment, community upliftment, job creation, SMMEs and rural enterprise-development efforts. We believe these key focus areas enable people to support themselves, employ others, create economic stability and develop communities,” says Chris.

The learning won’t end there, as attendees will listen in on a panel discussion themed How HR should work smarter, not harder. Panellists Enid Lizamore, HR director at Heineken Beverages, Portia Thokoane, HR director: East & Southern Africa at Nestlé, Bramley Maetsa, the head of delivery enablement at Sasol and Lindiwe Sebesho, managing director: Remchannel at Old Mutual will explore talent management hacks that enable HR practitioners to operate more efficiently and effectively.

In a previous interview, Portia explained how diverse teams often bring a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences as well as access to a broader talent pool. “HR can tap into the skills and experiences of individuals from various backgrounds, attracting top talent from different regions and industries. A diverse workforce, like ours, is also able to provide valuable insights into global markets and customer preferences. HR leverages this knowledge to make informed decisions about product development and market strategies.”

After some networking and refreshments to lighten the mood, attendees will participate in an unmissable skills think tank where they will have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas.


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