Boosting employee morale

Use personal and symbolic recognition to keep your people motivated

Negativity is contagious and once it sinks into the corporate environment, it can spread like wildfire. However, with by recognising employees, one can very quickly lift spirits, drive morale and, ultimately, maximize the efficiency of the company in preparation for long-term success.  Praising efforts of employees who are attempting to improve their own performance, and actually rewarding them when those efforts bring measured results is a huge factor in boosting employee morale. If you feel that your employees could use a fresh breath of positivity, try personal or symbolic recognition, or positive re-enforcement of good behaviours.


Personal recognition is giving praise for a job well done. It can be in the form of a "great job" or a pat on the back. Sometimes, it could go a step further and emerge as a thank you card passed from a grateful boss to an employee who just gone above and beyond. These types of recognition are almost always welcome - and can put a smile on someone's face for the rest of the day. However, in order to be effective, you want to avoid overkill. Too much of a good thing can become redundant or seem insincere because, if you are constantly praising your employees, your words may lose their meaning. ]


Symbolic recognition is often tangible and involves gifts or prizes. I've seen companies provide everything from plaques to an employee's favourite food, or even something as simple as a stress ball or bracelets. If you really want to make the employee feel special, you can offer a personalized trophy that could be awarded to a top performer to proudly display on his or her desk.


The power of recognition should not be underestimated, not least because, top talent is almost invariably aware of their own worth. If they feel that their value is to the company is not being acknowledged, they may start sizing up their options.