Claudia revels in inspirational spaces that involve fashion, art and music


Having worked in various administrative roles before, Claudia Sefatsa says HR found and chose her.

Claudia Sefatsa recently joined William Radcliffe as the company’s new human resources manager.

The 40-year-old mom of two is qualified in business management and administration, sales and marketing, human resources management and practices support, and business management practices support.

Claudia’s new role entails managing, outlining and executing all aspects of HR while developing employees and supporting the company’s strategy.

Claudia says HR chose her. What she finds most stimulating about the work is the relationship building with various levels of individuals – from young talent to leadership – and the constant learning and adaptability to the changing landscape of the HR environment.

“I was introduced to HR through a change in administrative roles. This led to a promotion to the role of HR business partner, and this is where I really got to grips with the function and the practice thereof,” Claudia says.

“Joining William Radcliffe is exciting. It is an opportunity to apply the skills and expertise I have acquired over the years in the ‘new normal’ workplace.”

In her opinion, some of the main challenges businesses face today include inevitable change, employee engagement and employee health and wellbeing. “Covid-19 has changed the way the world works and the way companies and employees interact.

Despite this, it is vital to continue building on the fundamentals of good HR management. This includes attracting and retaining talent, managing relationships and training and development strategies,” Claudia says.

While the position at William Radcliffe is her first role within a corporate governance environment, Claudia has extensive experience in the application of fair procedures and regulations regarding aspects like HR, B-BBEE management and CSI initiatives.

“Good HR management harnesses a culture of employee engagement and is a driver of the company strategy. When people are genuinely acknowledged and supported, the productivity and growth of the company increases.

“I am looking forward to harnessing my passions at William Radcliffe – my passion for people and relationships, especially developing young talent and providing opportunities for those previously disadvantaged.”

Away from the office, Claudia’s passion for helping people extends to co-ordinating clothing donations for the needy with the help of friends and family. She also enjoys hiking and revels in inspirational spaces that involve fashion, art and music.

Her busy day, which starts at 4am, includes meditation and spending quality time with her family.
“Achieving work/life balance is critical. Before Covid-19, I was a workaholic and turned down catch-up sessions with those very close to me, especially my girls, for work. I have learnt the value of what truly matters and that time is a precious commodity not to be wasted.

“Ideally, I want to work towards my MBA and make a positive impact in people’s lives through my work. I am confident my new role at William Radcliffe will be highly rewarding, and I look forward to adding value to their success,” she concludes.


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