Cohesion Collective drives organisational change that accelerates inclusion and growth


After participating in the inaugural event, Cohesion Collective has returned for HR Indaba Africa 2020.

Cohesion Collective has signed up as a partner for the HR Indaba, which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 14 & 15 October 2020. As a champion of social cohesion, both broadly in terms of building togetherness within society as a whole and on a micro-level, Cohesion Collective drives organisational change that accelerates overall access to opportunities, inclusion and growth. It's a professional services firm that essentially takes a hard look at soft skills.

“For example, there is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how it will all impact the world of work. The prevailing view is that many of today's jobs are going to be done by robots and that there is a significant proportion of the working population whose current skillset is therefore likely to become redundant in the not-so-distant future,” says CEO and founder Roy Gluckman.  

“But we believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is actually a call to action to connect with our humanity. Machines can never be as creative or empathetic as humans so all that we need to do is teach people how to adapt to the new era. Our work is about finding out what skills, attributes and attitudes are going to be needed by businesses and economies in order to thrive in that future.”

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Having been involved in the inaugural event, this will be the second time that Cohesion Collective is a partner for the HR Indaba.

Says Roy: “The HR Indaba brings together a lot of people that we would want to talk to. Our work is really about changing society through organisations so the HR Indaba is the perfect platform to expose us to the people that, firstly, identify with our message of achieving organisational growth through people development and, secondly, are custodians of the talent, training and, to some extent, the culture of their organisations.”

As a gold partner, Cohesion Collective will have an exhibition stand at the HR Indaba, which is the largest of its kind in South Africa. The conference and expo will give HR professionals an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about the latest HR technology, HR strategy, company culture, labour laws, recruitment, employee engagement and HR leadership. It will also bring together thousands of colleagues, suppliers, platforms, universities, specialists, recruitment agencies, CHROs and thought leaders.

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