Global HR headlines: Global youth employment lags, benefits for pet parents at work


China’s zero tolerance to Covid-19 affects job seekers.

India’s largest crypto investing app, CoinSwitch, introduces a Pet Care and Adoption Policy for pet parents at work, while the American NBA registers an increase in the hiring of minorities and women. Meanwhile, data from the International Labour Organisation shows that youth employment is still in recovery as the pandemic exacerbated labour market challenges and China’s zero tolerance approach to Covid-19 and health tracking apps are having an adverse effect on job seekers.

Global youth employment lagging, says ILO report

Recovery in youth employment is still lagging, according to a new report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

According to the Global Employment Trends for Youth 2022: Investing in transforming futures for young people, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the numerous labour market challenges facing those aged between 15 and 24 years, who have experienced a much higher percentage loss in employment than adults since early 2020.

The total global number of unemployed youths is estimated to reach 73 million in 2022, a slight improvement from 2021 (75 million) but still six million above the pre-pandemic level of 2019, the report says.

NBA records increase in hiring of minorities, women

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has recorded an increase in hiring of minorities and women, according to a report from the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) at the University of Central Florida, US.

The report gave the NBA an overall A grade, with an A-plus for racial hiring and a B-plus for gender hiring, reports the Associated Press.

Notably, the league has significant representation by people of colour in leadership positions, including 15 head-coaching jobs, 12 general managers and 50 percent of assistant coaching positions among the league’s 30 teams, according to the study.

China’s zero tolerance to Covid-19 affects job seekers

China’s zero tolerance approach to Covid-19 is having an adverse effect on job seekers, with history of infection being stored on health apps that track each person being available to employers.

Bloomberg reports that a former worker at a government-run isolation facility in Shanghai slept on the streets during parts of June since he couldn’t find work or housing after getting infected. Employers in Shanghai and nearby cities wouldn’t take him, and many help wanted ads specifically said applicants “must not have had Covid,” according to his posts on the social media site Weibo.

He confirmed the experience to Bloomberg News after he was contacted via Weibo, though he asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation. He faced police harassment for previously sharing the information and subsequently left Shanghai. His posts have since been removed.

Support for pet parents at work

CoinSwitch, India’s largest crypto investing app, has launched employee benefits to support pet parents at work. The Pet Care and Adoption Policy enables reimbursement of employee expenses toward medical care and grooming of pets as well as out-of-pocket pre- and post-adoption expenses, reports BW People.

“We are a new-age company with a diverse workforce. While we have always had benefits and support programmes for employees and their family members, we understand the idea of family itself has evolved and expanded. The Pet Care and Adoption Policy is one of the first steps we are introducing to ensure our benefits and HR policies are inclusive and holistic to reflect our diverse workforce,” said Zeeshan Ramlan, director and head of HR, CoinSwitch.

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