Dr Zain Reddiar aims to foster a positive and inclusive culture at iSON Xperiences


Incoming global CHRO at iSON Xperiences Dr Zain Reddiar looks forward to a new challenge.

There is an underlying power in fostering a positive and inclusive culture, where each individual feels valued and supported. This is according to incoming global CHRO for global CX management company iSON Xperiences, Dr Zain Reddiar.

Zain, who was appointed in January 2024, will assume overall accountability for the iSON people agenda, determining and driving strategy, culture, organisational architecture, talent management and employee engagement strategies, among other responsibilities across the 20+ geographies.

He notes that his primary aim in the role is to cultivate a culture that centres on employee wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

“Transformation is an area where I find great passion, and leading change initiatives here presents an exhilarating challenge that I am keen to undertake. I envision iSON Xperiences as an employer of choice, a place where the culture isn't just beneficial for our business objectives, but genuinely values and uplifts its people. I want to help foster an environment where everyone can thrive and grow, reflecting our commitment to our employees and the broader community we serve.”

‘People are our greatest asset’

Zain, who has over 20 years of global experience across the African and Middle Eastern continent, was previously the HR director Africa at Samsung South Africa. Prior to joining Samsung, he held key positions at MTN, including CHRO, general manager and head of international HR operations.

Armed with a doctor of management degree in the management of innovation and technology and an MSc in management of innovation and technology from The Da Vinci Institute,  Zain adds that his experience has taught him the immense value of a well-crafted HR strategy and its impact on enhancing the employee experience.

Speaking exclusively to CHRO South Africa, Zain shares that his vision to elevate organisational effectiveness to new heights involves streamlining processes and introducing innovative career mapping.

“This approach is designed to broaden career pathways for our employees, ensuring they have ample opportunities for growth and development. A key element in this plan is the emphasis on employee wellbeing and engagement. These aspects are far more than mere buzzwords to me; they are foundational elements of a thriving workplace. Therefore, in my first year, making significant investments in these areas will be a top priority.”

He adds that this type of approach aligns closely with his belief in transformation as a catalyst for change.

“With my experience as a transformation expert and my history of leading significant change initiatives, I understand the transformative power such changes can have on both an organisational and personal level. By focusing on wellbeing, we can catalyse a broader transformation within the organisation, one that not only enhances our operational efficiency but also deeply resonates with the personal and professional growth of every individual in our team. I am excited to bring this comprehensive and transformative approach to iSON Xperiences, shaping an environment where both the organisation and its people can thrive together.”

Holistic leadership

A self professed advocate for holistic leadership, Zain says it is of utmost importance that the function of HR goes beyond corporate dialogue: “We are leaders, owning our seat at the table and using it to effect lasting, positive change. My advocacy for holistic leadership, which encompasses multiple intelligences – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, cultural and moral – underlines my belief in the comprehensive nature of effective leadership. This belief extends beyond mere intellectual capabilities, embracing a full spectrum of human potential.”

He concludes that the HR landscape is continuously evolving, shaped by emerging trends and the need for adaptability and, as such, leaders should be agile enough to adapt as well.

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