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CHRO Lee Watts on navigating the future of work in HR

Lee Watts, chief human resources officer at Kurtosys, delves into his journey into the field of HR, the evolving role of CHROs in response to automation, remote work, and the gig economy, and the leading trends shaping HR in 2024.

Emerging HR trends to watch in 2024

Realigning HR priorities, reinventing with a focus on driving value and stepping up to champion meaningful change in the world of work are three key trends that will inform the 2024 HR landscape.

Joseph Rock returns to Exxaro as CPO

Joseph Rock returns to Exxaro resources as chief people and performance officer, marking a homecoming for the business leader.

CHRO Dinner discusses what to do with the seat at the table

So, as a CHRO, you have a seat at the executive table, now what do you do with it? This was the question posed by HR leaders at a recent CHRO Dinner, as they tried to outline how best to bring value to the profession.

Hello weekend: Downtime with CHROs

From exploring the country to relaxing with a book and a good glass of wine, CHROs share how they like to spend their weekends.

Facing the challenges head on

CHRO South Africa asks the HR community about the challenges they face and how best to address them.

The weekend read

Leading HR executives share their current and most impactful reads.

Abdullah Verachia joins the 2023 CHRO Awards judging panel

World-renowned future strategist and disruptor Abdullah Verachia is the latest addition to the 2023 CHRO Awards judging panel. The thought leader says CHROs need to take care of themselves as much as they take care of others.

Menstrual leave: Where is South Africa?

With Spain recently announcing the adoption of menstrual leave, CHRO South Africa spoke to experts on the possibility of South Africa adopting a similar legal framework.