CHROs share their HR trend predictions for 2024


HR leaders offer insights into the evolving HR landscape, and the trends they anticipate will dominate 2024.

Dennis Coetzee, group executive for human capital at leading agricultural business NWK, believes rehumanising the workplace as well as creating personalised learning and development training will be a leading trend.

“Technology’s dominance is shifting towards an emphasis on human skills like empathy, creativity, and critical thinking. We’ll see a focus on employee wellbeing, fostering social connections, and building purpose-driven environments.

“With regards to personalised learning and development, the one-size-fits-all training is fading. AI-powered platforms will create customised learning paths, micro-learning formats, and skills development tailored to individual needs and career goals. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are entering the HR landscape, offering immersive training experiences, improved team communication, and even virtual onboarding for remote employees.”

He adds that there will be a bigger focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), “Companies will prioritise fair representation, accessibility, and equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of background or identity. Inclusive leadership, unconscious bias training, and flexible work options are crucial aspects of this trend.”

Meanwhile, Scatec ASA HR director sub-Saharan Africa Reabetswe (Rea) Motshegare says advanced AI and the use of HR technology will definitely lead the pack for 2024.

“I do a lot of research around our field and always try to be in the know of HR trends, but also invest time in assessing what my current organisation needs at that time. Out of the trends I believe we will have driven mostly by AI, the top four that align with my current environment and are ‘fit for our purpose’ are leader and manager development, organisational culture, change management and HR technology.”

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