Hellen Lebone looking forward to settling in Arabian Peninsula


Hellen is now the senior HR director role Arabian Peninsula for Hilton, based in Dubai.

Seasoned HR professional Hellen Lebone has been appointed as senior HR director, Arabian Peninsula for Hilton, based in Dubai.

Hellen transitions from her role as regional HR director Africa and Indian Ocean for Hilton.

Speaking exclusively to CHRO South Africa, Hellen says she is looking forward to working with colleagues in a new region, immersing herself in a different culture and learning more about doing business in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

“I look forward to working with our colleagues in the Arabian Peninsula as we continue to ‘spread the light and warmth of hospitality’. I will eternally be grateful to all my colleagues and leaders at Hilton Africa and Indian Ocean, and across Hilton globally, who have been part of my journey thus far.”

On a personal level, Hellen adds that she is looking forward to starting a new life in a new country with her family. “The relocation has been good, daunting at times because of the amount of change to deal with, but exciting at the same time. I would also say that in Dubai everything seems to work at a faster pace and the amount of choices from real estate, to schools to shopping can be mind boggling.”

Dubai has quickly grown as a leading business hub attracting foreign inflows of capital and labour. According to Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings projections, UAE’s GDP is expected to expand by more than five percent in 2024, exceeding the 2.8 percent growth expected for the global economy.

Hellen affirms the city’s appeal, stating that it is an excellent location for relocation.

“Dubai is a great city to relocate to: they make the process easy to follow and there are so many people around you who have experienced what you are going through. I guess the vast number of expats in the country means that many people around you are in a similar boat as you. Our amazing company culture at Hilton has also been something to be grateful for. Just about everyone in the office has offered me some kind of advice or insight about moving to Dubai that has been useful as I build a life here.”

Hellen boasts more than 15 years’ experience across a variety of sectors, including hospitality, information technology, petrochemicals, and financial services. Prior to joining Hilton, she had extensive experience serving in a number of leadership roles for multinational companies like Microsoft, BP Southern Africa and Deloitte.

She holds a BA in industrial psychology and sociology from University of the Witwatersrand as well as a postgraduate diploma in management from the Wits Business School.



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