HR Indaba 2018: LinkdPro is changing the talent management game 


This tech company uses unique computer matching algorithms & machine-learning capabilities to automatically match HR executives looking for niche expertise to freelance professionals and experts within hours.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be chatting to all the HR Indaba partners, asking them why they are excited about the event and what they believe are the most important issues facing the profession. In this article, we speak to Scelo Makhathini, co-founder and CEO of tech start-up LinkdPro.


It is not often that one comes across HR related tech start-up companies. What is LinkdPro exactly?


It's an online platform that connects companies to a global network of freelance professionals and experts for project-based work or fixed-term contractual work. Think of it as the ‘Uber’ of freelance professionals and contractors. We have been running for two years now and are already working with blue-chip companies listed on the JSE, allowing HR executives to have on-demand visibility and access to the right talent using skills & expertise across internal & external talent pools. Our sophisticated technology allows enterprise clients to hire highly vetted freelancers, independent consultants, fixed-term contractors and industry sector experts, giving organisations the opportunity to build a centralized global talent cloud or a liquid workforce.


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What's the story behind it?


The idea was triggered by a frustration that the founders had while we were still working in corporate whereby we often had projects that required outsourcing niche skills and expertise for internal projects. There was no central place where one could find top industry experts and top-tier freelance professionals that were available to work on a freelance or fixed-term basis. So, we decided to create an online platform that corporates could use to find all these professionals that are willing to work on these project-based assignments.


What would you say is the most pressing issue facing the HR profession at the moment?


I think HR needs to shift its approach to talent from one of acquisition to access. There is a huge difference.  What we're seeing now among the top professionals is that they do not want to be acquired. They are moving away from the traditional 9-to-5 forms of employment to project-based opportunities. I think the conversation that HR should be having right now should be about how to access this talent as opposed to acquiring it.


Why sign up for the HR Indaba?


Our offering is very relevant to HR executives and HR managers because they are the people that are in charge of bringing the necessary talent to their organisations. Our platform is also very useful for HR managers in so far as it can assist them in building a more agile workforce for their organisations. In a time of such disruption and uncertainty, companies have had to be more innovative and responsive to disruptive market conditions. One of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders is that they must find and train talent that is agile and visionary enough to thrive in the future. Many of them are starting to realise that because it is difficult (and nigh on impossible) to find and acquire talent that is future-proof if such a thing exists at all. It is easier and far more efficient to find talent for immediate, clearly defined fixed-term roles that are closely aligned with an organisation's strategy. That's where the future is going. It's about accessing the best talent when and where you need it.




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