Say 'no' to work silos


How to eliminate work silos from the company culture

Work silos occur when employees only communicate with those in the same department and can be a serious problem for a company. Whether they occur in marketing, sales, HR, or another department, they are an issue that arises, which can quickly derail a project or the entire company cultute.

Silos hinder communication in the office, and can be problematic for the business as a whole, because they breed a lack of communication that creates substantial inefficiency, delays and generally less than desired results.

They may not necessarily arise as a result of clique mentality but rather employees become so engrossed in their own work and objectives that they fail to see the big, unifying picture that is the business at large.

The best way to promote open is to encourage employees within departments to speak with the rest of the team about work. Make it clear that silo-like behavior on any level will not be accepted, whether it is intended or not. It is important for the employees to understand what is happening and why it must be addressed. Explain that the only way the company works is through transparent, open and interconnected communications.

You can also build teams comprised of employees from different departments. This will ensure every section of the company is in communication with one another and can serve to reinforce a culture of open communication.


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