11 ways to prevent employee burnout

The changes to how people work, such as how employees are making connections from a distance and balancing work remotely, can also contribute to burnout if they aren’t supported.

Fostering a sense of community and connection is vital to employee well-being and should be a priority for all organizations. Recognizing the importance of human interaction and the impact of working in isolation, along with finding tools to support people in new ways, is an evolving yet critical task for leaders.

This whitepaper by Oracle has found that by following these 11 steps, burnout can be prevented:

  • Encouraging time off
  • Make tools and resources available
  • Present flexible working arrangements
  • Deploy wellbeing and resilience training and benefits
  • Increase communication and connection
  • Enlist managers' and leaders' support
  • Recognize contributions
  • Set boundaries to balance between work and home
  • Redistribute or reprioritize work
  • Reach out and listen
  • Structure and balance meetings


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