Gaining a skills edge through agile talent practices


COVID-19 demanded a rapid response from all of us. In our work. In our homes. In our communities. We learned to quickly adapt to ever-shifting definitions of normal. It became abundantly clear that the only constant in life is change — and that change can upend our lives more dramatically, fully and quickly than we can predict. 

The pandemic changed the value of many skills across the workforce. Direct sales, were threatened and inclusive leadership and digital collaboration came out of the shadows to become hot commodities.

Now, imagine being able to predict the skills your organization will need — today, tomorrow, and well into the future. That’s what leading organizations are beginning to do to future-proof themselves for whatever may come.

By knowing how work will change and the resulting impact on skills demand, organizations can reskill or upskill their people to be ready, and if necessary, locate the right external or internal talent to fit future needs.

Download this whitepaper by Mercer to learn how to find out how companies are predicting the skills of the future.

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