The Experience-Driven Hybrid Onboarding Blueprint

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he world of work has changed dramatically And that’s where Experience-Driven Onboarding comes into play…

Employees proved they didn’t need to be in the office five days a week to perform their roles. Organizations realized the value of supporting different, more flexible, ways of working. And now we’re at a junction in history.

What we’re witnessing is the emergence of a hybrid work environment where organizations support a mix of remote, in-office and flexible work options for employees. Which sounds great, right? But it adds a new layer of complexity to onboarding. You see, when everyone works from home, all new hires are onboarded remotely, which is equal When everyone works in the office, all new hires are onboarded in person.

And that’s an equal experience. But when you have some employees who are permanently remote, some who are in the office full time and others who enjoy a combination of both, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure they’re all receiving a consistent onboarding experience.

Suddenly HR needs to provide three impactful onboarding experiences simultaneously. And ensure that no one is receiving additional perks or missing out on crucial information. COVID-19 created the world’s largest work from home experiment, and now there’s no going back.

This whitepaper by TalentSmith shares principles that make or break hybrid onboarding.

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