Women In Mining


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are no longer treated as an afterthought by companies — they are increasingly central to a firm’s reputation and financial performance.

In a world of high workforce turnover and intense competition for talent, executives recognise the importance of attracting and engaging young employees, but few have figured out how to achieve this.

This study has found that the impact of ESG issues on investor perspectives is two-fold:

  1. Internal — employers with highly satisfied employees score higher on ESG performance, and employers with an attractive image among young talent have better ESG performance.

  2.  External — ESG criteria are embraced by impact investors to evaluate companies’ behaviour and potential financial performance, and are gaining increasing acceptance among other stakeholders, such as institutional investors, lenders, regulators, credit-rating agencies and consumers.

Download this Whitepaper by Mercer to find about organisations in the mining and related services industries on their approach to ESG broadly and DE&I in particular.

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