3 reasons why your top talent may be thinking about leaving

LinkedIn UK's Head of Talent on how to retain your best employees

One of the biggest challenges that HR leaders face is retaining their best talent. This is especially the case in this day and age where millenials, in particular, tend to stay in a role for a short period of time before looking another opportunity. In an exclusive interview with HR Grapevine, LinkedIn UK Head of Talent Jon Addison, explains what it takes to retain great employees. He spoke in the context of LinkedIn’s recently-launched research report about looking ‘Inside the Mind of Today’s ,which sought the views of over 6,500 professionals and 7,700 recent job-switchers across the globe, which revealed the top reasons why professionals stay in their companies and why they might start looking for new opportunities.

Here are the three reasons;

Not challenged enough. The top reason why British professionals stay with their existing company, according to Addison, is having access to opportunities to challenge themselves or improve their skills. It is when they don’t feel challenged enough at work or when they want a more senior position that professionals look for a new role. This means that employers must ensure that there are opportunities for the top people to meet their ambitions in the company.

No work-life balance. Having a work-life balance is fast becoming are core need for many candidates. That is why companies that offer flexibility have a better chance at retaining talent. “

Whether you offer flex hours, days off in lieu or working from home options, it is important to communicate what your company is doing to help attract new employees and encourage them to maintain that all-important work-life balance,” Addison explains in the article.  

“This will not only help you attract talent looking for a change, but remind existing employees of the benefits they have access to – making it more likely that they will stay on board.”

Poor leaders. Many people leave their company because of their boss. LinkedIn’s research revealed that, with UK participants, poor company leadership was the second most influential factor in their decision to look for a new role.

Says Addison: “To retain talent, it is vital that employers are promoting their leadership teams and using them to showcase plans for the company’s future. Social media and LinkedIn company pages are great ways of doing this, especially in global organisations where employees may not have daily face-to-face access to management.