3 ways to keep your team engaged

How can you motivate and engage your office team

Leaders often complain about their employees’ lack of work ethic and commitment without recognising that is them who are responsible for driving company culture. There is a myriad of factors that could create an environment of unengaged and unmotivated people. Here are five things you could work on to change that.

Narrow the focus

When employees have so much on their plate that they feel overwhelmed, it is easy to lose scope of what’s important. Employees are being stretched thin with requests, reports, new projects, and so much more. It is important for leaders to narrow the focus of their work and understand what is essential. Provide two or three of the most critical metrics drive your business and employees will be able to prioritise and focus on what is important.

2 Stop wasting time in meetings

The amount of time many companies waste in meetings is astronomical. Having too many meetings can actually serve to demoralise your team, especially if they feel the meetings are unnecessary and unproductive. Rather, provide structure and process so that there is thought with respect to defining the purpose of a meeting, who should attend, creating an agenda, summarising follow-ups to limit and get the best out of meetings.

3 Engage

Take the time to speak with employees that you would not normally have interactions with otherwise and ask a few basic questions. Ask them what's working and what's not; What resources they need to do their job more effectively; What feedback they are getting from customers in terms of complaints and suggestions; And what other ideas they have to make the company better.