CCMA taps into municipal infrastructure

An agreement between CCMA and Salga is intended to promote labour peace and equity.

The CCMA and Salga have signed a three-year agreement to promote labour peace and equity. The agreement outlines initiatives to provide social justice.

Cameron Morajane, the CEO of Salga, said, “Geographically, Salga and its municipal facilities are closer to the people, and have facilities in many nodal areas of the country, including rural areas, where the CCMA currently does not have a footprint. This means that the CCMA’s dispute prevention, management and resolution services will be brought closer to where people work, live, worship and play.”

The five initiatives outlined are:
i. Using Salga’s municipal and municipal entities’ facilities for selected processes/cases;
ii. Collaboration on labour market thought leadership, such as labour market policy development, labour law, collective bargaining, governance and dispute resolution and strategic research;
iii. Collaboration on data analytics and business intelligence to better understand local government labour challenges and root causes;
iv. Assistance with dispute management and prevention services through CCMA programmes, such as Managing Conflict Management (MCM) and Building Workplace Relations (BWR); and
v. CCMA to consider local government as an area of commissioner specialisation in order to enable commissioners to better intervene in local government labour-related matters.

Both the CCMA and Salga believe the partnership will benefit the labour market.