Global HR headlines: Ex-Microsoft employee accuses tech giant of corruption


Investment in care work could create almost 300 million jobs.

Whistle-blower makes claims of Microsoft bribery in Africa and Middle East. Funding care services could create millions of jobs. Foreign nurses forced to pay to leave the UK. Metaverse recruitment on the rise.

Microsoft pays millions in bribes, says former employee
The Wall Street Journal reports that a former Microsoft employee accused the company of turning a blind eye to employees, subcontractors, and government operators engaging in bribery.

The employee estimated that millions of dollars "goes to Microsoft employees, partners, and government employees" each year in bribes. Government officials in Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are among those alleged to have received money.

Closing gaps in care services could create almost 300 million jobs
According to a new International Labour Organization (ILO) report, “Care at work: Investing in care leave and services for a more gender equal world of work”, investment in gender equal leave, universal childcare and long-term care services could generate up to 299 million jobs by 2035.

Published on the ILO website, the report states that access to services such as residential care, community day services and in-home care remains inaccessible to the great majority of those who need them worldwide, despite the rising need for long-term care services for older people and those with disabilities.

The report builds the case for transformative change to the global care system, advocating for investing in-care leave and services for a more gender-equal world of work and improved laws, policies and practices on care, including maternity, paternity, parental, child and long-term care.

Foreign nurses in the UK trapped in jobs
The Guardian reports foreign nurses working for NHS trusts and private care homes are being trapped in their jobs by clauses in their contracts that require them to pay thousands of pounds if they try to leave.

In extreme cases, nurses face fees as steep as £14,000 if they want to change jobs or return home early.

The Royal College of Nursing and human rights lawyers are calling for an urgent government review after an investigation uncovered evidence of the clauses being used in both the NHS and private sector.

Study shows an exponential growth in metaverse positions
Last October, when Facebook’s parent company rebranded as Meta, the number of job openings for “metaverse” was 697. By February 2022, that number had soared to 3,339.

James Neave, Adzuna’s head of data science says, “Metaverse experts are the new hot ticket with related roles ranging from developers to data scientists, writers, and creatives. This follows booming interest in crypto and cybersecurity roles throughout 2021 and we continue to see the tech sector growing and strengthening during this time.”

Job listings related to cryptocurrency, the primary currency used in the metaverse, reached an all-time high in February 2022, with 5,302 vacancies advertised.

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