Global HR headlines: Half of HR leaders report being burned out


Hiring of boomerang employees on the rise amid high resignations.

Half of HR leaders surveyed say they’re burned out and job hunting. Companies bring back former employees to counter resignations. iPhone goes on major recruitment drive in China. UK companies pledge to hire Ukrainians fleeing war.

Half of HR leaders are burned out and job hunting
HR Dive says roughly half of HR leaders responding to a recent survey said they’re burned out, and a similar number said they are looking for a new job.

The Covid-19 pandemic added myriad tasks to HR’s plate, as nearly every issue that emerged during the pandemic had something to do with HR. For many employers, HR became a corporate “hub” and industry pros were tapped to do “heroic” things, culminating into day-to-day pressures that could drive burnout.

Companies rehiring former employees to ease labour shortages
The Financial Times reports that employers are increasingly considering previous employees to fill labour shortages. Boomerangs – employees who return after leaving a company, according to LinkedIn – make up 4.5 percent of new recruits on its platform in 2021 compared with 3.9 percent in 2019.

One study by Cornell University compared the work experiences of just over 2,000 boomerangs and almost 11,000 new hires in a large, US-based healthcare organisation. It found that boomerangs outperformed new hires, especially in roles that involved “relatively high levels of administrative co-ordination, such as project manager and purchasing agent that encompass planning, goal setting, scheduling, and the application of organizational routines and rules”.

iPhone factory steps up recruitment
The world's largest iPhone factory in Central China’s Henan province, is on the race to hire at least 20,000 workers prior to the release of new Apple products and as demand for iPhones and iPads remains robust in China and overseas.

The Global Times reports that a recruiter from the plant in Zhengzhou shared that the company is offering $1,100-$1,257 in referral bonuses to workers if the factory hires candidates.

UK businesses offer jobs to Ukrainians fleeing Russia
More than 45 major businesses including Marks & Spencer and Asos have pledged to offer jobs to Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion.

The firms, which also include Lush and recruitment firm Robert Walters, are lobbying the UK government to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to come to the UK.

Emma Sinclair, an entrepreneur and chief executive of US-based multinational software business EnterpriseAlumni, is leading the initiative.

She told the BBC the focus of the initiative is to help refugees from Ukraine rebuild their lives, but that in an ideal world the scheme would be extended to all refugees.

The project has up to 10,000 jobs available for refugees from Ukraine, according to The Sunday Times. Many UK businesses have been facing labour shortages due to Covid-19 and Brexit.

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