Global HR headlines: Interruptions at work can lead to higher job satisfaction, Pfizer to implement weekly Covid-19 testing for non-vaccinated employees in the US

Interruptions at work can raise stress levels and make people feel like they belong, according to a new study.

While Australian airline Qantas grounds 2,500 staff, new hires in the UK are receiving record salaries. Pfizer insists on vaccination or weekly testing for employees, and multinational lodging group Marriott International signs the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers. A new study finds that interruptions by colleagues gives employees a sense of belonging.

Interruptions make employees feel like they belong
A new study has found that interruptions during work by colleagues in the office can lead to a greater sense of belonging and can counterbalance negatives such as distraction or lost productivity.

The study predominantly took place at the University of Cincinnati, US and soon will appear in the print edition of the Journal of Applied Psychology, reports ANI.

According to the study, while there were downsides to interruptions at work, like raising levels of stress and lowering people's energy, there was also an upside: Employees felt more like they “belonged” and that eventually led to higher job satisfaction.

Marriott signs up for racial diversity and inclusion
Marriott International has signed the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers, according to a statement.

Led by the Equal Opportunities Commission Hong Kong, the charter provides employers with guidelines and best practices through a checklist of policies and practices they can implement to further their diversity, equity and inclusion objectives, including racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the statement added.

Qantas idles 2,500 employees
Qantas Airways is temporarily idling about 2,500 employees without pay for at least two months in a bid to cope with fresh Covid-19 restrictions in Australia.

The decision will directly affect domestic pilots, cabin crew and airport workers, mostly in New South Wales, the airline has said, adding that no job losses were expected from the move.

Pfizer employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly
US drugmaker Pfizer will require all its US employees and contractors to become vaccinated against Covid-19 or participate in weekly Covid-19 testing.

Spokesperson Pamela Eisele said the company was taking the initiative in order to “protect the health and safety of our colleagues and the communities we serve:. Employees with medical conditions or religious objections can seek accommodations, reports Reuters.

Outside of the US, Pfizer will strongly encourage employees who are able be vaccinated in their countries to do so.

New hires receive record pay in the UK
Salaries for workers starting permanent jobs in Britain rose by the most on record as employers struggled to find staff while the Covid-19 pandemic kept people away from work, according to a recent survey published.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said vacancies had hit their highest level since it began its survey nearly 24 years ago, according to Reuters.