Global HR headlines: Musk mails say music is fine, managers should clarify, execute or resign

Apple calls on workers to ‘speak freely’ about working conditions.

IBM has declared data science as a trending job of the 21st century and predicted that the demand for data analyst will increase in the coming years, with demand increasing across numerous sectors, from finance and marketing to retail and FMCG. Investigation says Amazon employees are using their data privileges to snoop on celebrity purchases and taking bribes from shady sellers.

Musk mails to employees leaked
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells managers who don’t execute orders or explain why he’s wrong that they will have to “resign immediately”, according to leaked emails obtained by CNBC.

In the first email, Musk said he supports “any little touches that make work more enjoyable” and that listening to music was allowed as long as employees had one earbud out for safety reasons.

The second mail details steps managers should take when they’re sent directions. Musk tells them to reply and explain why what he said was incorrect since he can occasionally be “plain wrong”, to ask for clarification, or to execute the directions, because “if none of the above are done, that manager will be asked to resign immediately”.

Apple says employees can ‘speak freely’
In a post on an internal site, Apple said its policies do not preclude employees from “speaking freely” about working conditions, according to a copy of the message viewed by Reuters.

“We encourage any employee with concerns to raise them in the way they feel most comfortable, internally or externally,” the post states.

The move comes amid a broader push by Silicon Valley workers to speak out about their working conditions and the impact of technology on society.

Amazon workers snooping on celebrity purchases
Amazon employees are snooping on the purchases made by celebrities and have access to the vast trove of customers’ data, a new report has claimed.

According to an investigation by The Wired, some low-level employees at Amazon “were using their data privileges to snoop on the purchases of celebrities, while others were taking bribes to help shady sellers sabotage competitors’ businesses, doctor Amazon’s review system, and sell knock-off products to unsuspecting customers”.

Data scientists trending
IBM has declared data science as a trending job of the 21st century and predicted that the demand for data analysts will increase in the coming years. Data science is a multifaceted career based on structured and unstructured data. It is in demand in companies from all domains – from finance, marketing to retail and FMCG.

According to a report shared by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, data science expertise will drive a 27.9 percent rise in employment in the field by 2026. Today, there is a huge demand and noticeable shortage of qualified data scientists, reports the Hindustan Times. After the US, India is the second largest hub for data analysts.